The oil cleansing method and why it really works!


My Story

I have suffered from acne (all different types) and oily skin for around 15 years now, since I was about 12 years old. My mother and father both had acne, so of course I inherited it too. I am NO newbie to all the crazy acne products out there – benzoyl peroxide, triclosan, salicylic acid, chemical peels, and doxycycline/tetracycline are just some of the toxic ingredients I have used in and on my body while battling acne. I even used to always have those little oil absorbing sheets on me wherever I went, because my skin would be so greasy and shiny.

When I was a teenager my mother felt badly for me, so any time she would see an infomercial (think Proactive or Murad) or hear about a new acne product she would buy it for me to try. There’s no telling how many THOUSANDS (yes, thousands) of dollars she and I have spent on acne products over the last 15 years.

When I was around 22 years old, I diligently searched the internet for an answer. I came across something called the oil cleansing method (OCM), and although I was EXTREMELY skeptical – I decided to give it a try since what I had been doing for about 10 years prior obviously didn’t work.

But…why on EARTH would anyone want to wash their face with oil? Don’t most dermatologists say to ALWAYS get oil-free skin care products? True, they do, but I guess many just don’t fully understand how our bodies work.

The Oil Cleansing Method and Why it Works

What is the OCM?

The OCM is just that, using oil to cleanse your skin. The basis of the OCM is that like dissolves like, so, oil dissolves oil. You mix castor oil (the one oil you must use) with another oil of choice (jojoba, coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond, etc.) and rub it on your face, washing it off with a warm washcloth (full instructions below).

Why does it work?

When you strip your skin of the natural oils it produces, it goes into overdrive and produces oil (sebum) like crazy because it doesn’t like being dry! So when there is an adequate amount of oil on your face, your body doesn’t have to overproduce to compensate. Our bodies are quite sophisticated, you know. =)


My Results

After a couple weeks of my skin having no idea what was going on and being more oily than usual (which is what the internet article warned me of) – my oil production dramatically reduced. After several months, my skin cleared up significantly. I still have acne, but nothing like I used to. My acne seems to be most under control when I remove all white foods, gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet. I am not there yet, though. It has been a process for me and although I have given up dairy and gluten, I still consume much more sugar than I need. I am a work in progress and for Lent I am planning on giving up sugar – something that will be very difficult for me, but I know that my body needs it.

The OCM is now my favorite way to cleanse my face at night to remove all of the makeup, dirt, oil and grime of the day. Below please see the recipe that I use, along with several variations. I like to use jojoba oil and/or rosehip seed oil to be mixed with castor oil. I also use a jojoba/rosehip oil blend on my skin afterwards as a mosturizer because just the OCM alone leaves my skin a little dry- and no, it won’t clog your pores!


Ingredients for Oil Cleanser

Oil of choice (jojoba is my favorite)
Castor Oil
Essential Oils (optional – but I have much better results using either tea tree, lavender, frankinsence or melrose).

  • If you have oily skin, you will want a ratio of about 1 part oil of choice to 3 parts castor oil.
  • For normal skin, about 1 part oil of choice to 1 part castor oil.
  • For dry skin, about 2 parts oil of choice to 1 part castor oil.

Mix all ingredients together (if you’re using essential oils, make sure it’s a glass bottle).

Directions for use: Pour about a quarter-sized amount in the palm of your hand. You can use on wet or dry skin. Massage all over face for several minutes. Run warm/hot (not hot enough to burn or hurt!) water over a washcloth and lay it on your face until it cools – about 60 seconds. This is creating steam that opens up your pores and allows the oil to penetrate and clean deeply. Wipe off your face with the washcloth, and repeat steaming your face once or twice more.


It’s SO simple and easy to do – yet has awesome benefits. My skin really has never felt better nor has it been softer or less oily.

Have you tried the oil cleansing method before or do you have a question about it? Let me know in the comments!



Why you should ditch traditional toothpaste (and what to use instead).

Toothpaste! We all use it (at least we SHOULD all use it) but traditional toothpastes are LOADED with bad stuff for us. Things like triclosan, sulfates, fluoride, along with a long list of other toxic ingredients. What’s so bad about those things? Well, let me tell you…

Triclosan is a pesticide and an endocrine disruptor. The European Union has actually banned this chemical from any product that comes in contact with anything edible! I know that most people don’t eat their toothpaste, but small amounts can trickle down our throats when brushing and our mouths absorb the chemicals into our bloodstream (think about how nicotine gum works).

Sulfates like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are what give toothpastes the bubbly effect. This article from Mercola goes into more detail, but basically, SLS has been shown to cause organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, cancer, and so much more.

Fluoride. It’s supposed to be good for your teeth and prevent cavities–right?! Not exactly. Fluoride is actually a poison — totally toxic for your body. And the government actually puts this in our drinking water! I need to write an entire post on fluoride alone, but just for a little snippet… The dangers of fluoride range from pretty mild (fluorosis, which is discoloration and spotting on teeth) to more severe. 49 studies have connected fluoride with lower IQ in children! That alone makes me want to avoid it, but it can also cause thyroid problems (which I have!), cancer, infertility, DNA damage, and on and on.

Why would you choose a toothpaste with these ingredients when there are some great natural alternatives? If you’re the DIY type, you can make your own. There are a lot of great recipes on Pinterest. I, however, have never tried making my own toothpaste and have always purchased mine.

Here are some of my favorites…


Nature’s GateIf you just can’t stand brushing your teeth without some bubbles, Nature’s Gate is the way to go! Creme de Peppermint is our favorite flavor. It tastes great, bubbles, and leaves your teeth feeling clean without all of the harmful toxins. It’s the easiest transition from traditional toothpaste I’ve found. It’s around $5 at your health food store or you can find it on Amazon here (affiliate link): NATURE’S GATE Toothpaste Creme de Peppermint 6 OZ



earthpaste-flavors-300x300Earthpaste – If you are the crunchy type and want to dive in, try it out! It is totally different than traditional toothpaste. My husband who *ahem* laughs at some of my crunchy ways didn’t like this toothpaste, but I like it a lot! It is remineralizing, and some people have actually reversed/shrunk cavities by using it. There’s also only a handful of ingredients (the wintergreen flavor only contains water, redmond clay, xylitol, wintergreen essential oil, menthol, real salt and tea tree oil) which makes this a huuuuge winner if you want to totally switch to au-natural. It’s around $7 per tube. Find it on Amazon here (affiliate link): Redmond Earthpaste Toothpaste, Cinnamon, 4 Ounce

9018913365_4cf549f282_c-550x350 (1)


Thieves Aromabright – Young Living has several different types of toothpaste, but the Thieves Aromabright is the only kind I’ve tried. I LOVE it. It’s definitely my favorite, not only because of how clean it makes my teeth feel, but I really like the taste with 8 different essential oils that promote gum & tooth health. It’s $10.25 wholesale (if you are a member) or $13.49 retail. Leave a comment if you’d like to know more about becoming a member.


What’s your favorite kind of natural toothpaste?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through the link, I get a very small portion of the cost of the product, but your price does not increase.

6 reasons why I LOVE Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are ALL the rage right now. Some of you may think they’re just a fad that will slowly fade away, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, dating back to Bible times. You may recall hearing about the baby Jesus being given gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh. I’m not sure how, but even way back then knew the amazing properties of these precious oils. To this day, Frankincense is a very expensive oil.

Love EOs

Here just a few of my top reasons for choosing Young Living Essential Oils instead of other companies….

  1. Young Living has been around over 20 years. When Gary D. Young, the founder, was 24, he was in a logging accident where he became paralyzed and was told it was unlikely he would ever walk again. Three years after the accident, Gary started getting some feeling back in his legs and toes and started using essential oils for his pain. He finally regained mobility and 13 years after the accident, he ran a half marathon! Since then, Gary has received a degree in nutrition, a doctorate in naturopathy, and is now one of the top authoritative figures in the world when it comes to essential oils.
  2. Seed to Seal guarantee. YL has complete control of the entire process of their essential oils. They own the farms, do the weeding (by hand), harvest, distill, test for quality & purity, and bottle. This, to me, is very important, since most other oil companies get their oils from random farmers where they have no idea if the oils are adulterated or not.
  3. Green practices. The raw plant material that is left over once distillation is finished is composted and used in the soil for subsequent crops. YL strives to keep their oils and products as pure and organic as possible!
  4. Their products go out of stock. Okay, so this may be a downside to some people, but hear me out! Real plants obviously cannot be made in a lab, so when a harvest is over for the year for a certain plant and they didn’t plant enough originally to sustain demand for the rest of the year, they have to wait until the next harvest. The oil companies that never or rarely have their oils go out of stock have to be finding other suppliers or using fillers in their oils to make them go farther. A couple years ago, Valor, one of YL’s signature oils blends, went out of stock because of a specific oil in the blend being unavailable. Gary Young tried to find another supplier for that specific oil (I can’t remember which oil it was) and thought he had found one that would meet his specifications. After testing it, Gary found that it wasn’t quite up to his standards. It wasn’t a terrible oil, just not quite to the level of purity that he had hoped. Instead of using that oil and stocking the shelves with Valor (which was highly demanded), he rejected it and it was around an entire year until the oil was back in stock. THAT, my friends, is not sacrificing quality for profit.
  5. Customer Service. YL takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Just last week I ordered a bottle of the new Thieves laundry detergent to try out for the first time. Despite the bottle being packaged great, it happened to leak. I contacted YL and they promptly sent me out a replacement bottle at no cost to me. All the interactions that I have had with their customer service representatives have been pleasant and my issue has always been resolved to above my satisfaction.
  6. YL allows you to help harvest their plants. They are the only essential oil company in the US that owns its own farms, and they actually encourage you to come and get your hands in the dirt! They frequently have farm days and family events where you can come, take a tour, and see exactly how the oils we use go from a tiny seed to the wonderful oils we’re blessed to use in our homes for our health. This is on my bucket list to get to do one day!


I hope this was informative to you and that you understand why quality is so important! Oils that have fillers and solvents can actually have the opposite effect that we want on our bodies and health, so know the practices of the company that you’re using.

Please feel free to comment with any questions! I don’t remoltely know close to everything, but I love to help and will try to point you in the right direction. =)

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, please leave me a comment and I can connect you to one of the online workshops that my team does so you can learn in the comfort of your own home! My Young Living member number is 1717749 and you can sign up to get your own essential oil starter kit here.  I may have a gift for you after you do! =)


My favorite ways to use Dr. Bronners.

One of my most FAVORITE natural products is Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. For me, it was the best product to get when switching to natural products because of its versatility. This soap has SO many uses and it 100% pure and clean! No toxins or chemicals to worry about – hooray! And a large bottle will last a very long time… at least 6 months or longer at my house.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can use this soap, but my favorite ways to use it are…

Baby Wash & Shampoo. I use the Dr. Bronner’s baby-mild or the lavender for my kiddos. It’s easiest, simplest, purest way to get my kiddos clean. Johnson & Johnson baby used to have formaldehyde in it. Not really something you’d want absorbing into your child’s skin, huh? Thankfully, they have taken it out, but it still has chemicals in it that your body does not (nor should it) recognize.

Body Wash. I love the lavender and the peppermint to use as my daily body was in the shower! It has a silky, creamy texture and cleans very well. I have used this as my shampoo before, and while it works in a pinch, I find that my hair needs something different.

Hand Soap. You should never use antibacterial soap. Ever. Okay? “But…. how will I get rid of the germs, you weirdo!?!?” I hear you now. But, research has shown that when people washed their hands with antibacterial vs. regular hand soap, the way they were getting rid of the germs was not because of the type of soap they were using, but by how long they washed their hands. It didn’t matter if they were using the antibacterial type (which causes these crazy superbug/germs, along with a host of other health issues), what mattered was if they washed their hands for at least 20-30 seconds or not. Yeah, I’m talking to you, all you people who “wash” your hands in the bathroom by spritzing a little soap on your hands and quickly rinsing in under 5 seconds while you shake off the few drops of water that you managed to get on your fingertips. You disgust me. I love you…but you disgust me.

Cleaner  I like to clean my shower, sinks, and even toilets with this mixture! I take a couple tbsp of Dr. Bronners and mix it with some baking soda and water to make a paste that I rub over the surface to be cleaned, then use a sponge to scrub and wipe clean.
So, there you have it. My favorite ways to use Dr. Bronner’s soap, which will get you feeling clean and being green in a flash. =)

Here’s how you make up a bottle (for washes and soaps) –

  • Water (preferably distilled, but not totally necessary)
  • 2 TBSP Dr. Bronners in whatever scent you choose (or unscented for newborns). I like lavender.
  • Foaming pump. You can buy these from Amazon, but the cheapest way to get one is to go to the store and grab another type of foaming soap and empty it out to use.
Directions: Put about 2 TBSP of Dr. Bronners in the bottom of a foaming pump. Slowly fill the rest of the bottle up with water, screw the lid on, and give it a shake! Now you’re finished. Use your super-crunchy new product with pride knowing that you’re not putting something harmful on you or your family’s body. Easy-peasy!

Welcome to my blog!

I wanted to start a blog to share with others the ways that I’ve found to live a more natural life. I am in no way, shape, or form, a professional on this topic. I am just here to share with others what has worked for me and my family in areas of natural living, cooking, saving money, etc.! I hope that I am able to show you how you can take small steps to living a more natural, balanced life and that it won’t be overwhelming for you like it was for me several years ago when I began my natural journey.

Once my first child was born, I became very concerned with all of the chemicals in common baby products and decided to do some research. I found some shocking information which led me on a path to natural living. I am still a work in progress and have a lot to learn, but I would love for you to join me on this journey because the health of our families depend on it! With cancer rates skyrocketing, predictions are saying 1 out of every 2 people will have cancer by the time our children are grown. That. Is. Terrifying. Cancer is a scary thing and if there are small (and a lot of the time, really easy) things we can do to lower our family’s risk of cancer, why wouldn’t we? I’d love to share with you what has worked for us.

Please keep a look out for upcoming posts on my favorite chemical-free products, ways to boost your and your child’s immune systems, DIY, recipes, plus so much more! Please subscribe, and welcome to a little slice of my world!

<3 Stacee