Minimalist Living

In the blogging world, there has been a lot of hype around minimalist living. Minimal-what you ask? Well, minimalist living is basically learning how to organize, prioritize, and simplify every aspect of your life. It is living with a “less is more” ideology, learning that you really don’t need that much to live happily.

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Now I’m not saying that I agree with everything ultra-minimalists do like keeping only 2 plates in their kitchen or having only 2 pairs of shoes, but I do think are a lot of principles in a minimalist lifestyle that I would like to try and adapt to my own life.

For instance, minimalists say it’s better to save than spend, which transfers to owning less, which shifts to less responsibility, which equals more time which therefore equals you’re able to use your time in the ways that really matter; spending time with Jesus, family, friends, and having a life chock-full of experiences & memories that won’t fade.

In the end, minimalism is about spending your life on what genuinely matters, not materialistic things that will only hold your contentment for a brief moment.

My husband and I decided that we were going to sell almost everything and simplify our life. Once we started actually doing it, it got me a little depressed. After all, we have worked hard the last 4 years purchasing this stuff together, stuff that was meaningful, and now we’re selling it all, except for the essentials?! Living in a culture where the “less is more” mentality is not exactly greeted with a handshake, it was hard for me to give up my things.

A few weeks after we cleared out a lot of stuff (through Craig’s List and garage sales) it started to feel completely liberating. We now have less to clean, less to take care of, and less to control our lives. Free at last, free at last!

3 thoughts on “Minimalist Living

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