Scranton, Pennsylvania

Day 4 of our road trip was spent in Scranton, PA! Corey and I HUGE fans of NBC’s The Office, so naturally we wanted to visit Scranton.

We ate at “Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe” and the cheese on their pizza had a strange texture that tasted almost milky in your mouth. I wouldn’t recommend it, but we ate there because it has been mentioned several times during episodes of The Office.

The first thing we went and saw was the “Penn Paper” building that is shown on the opening credits of The Office. They have since changed it to “PA Paper,” but it was still neat to see the building.

I loved the ivy and vines growing on the buildings – it looked beautiful!

This building looked like a castle! So pretty.

There were tons of old trains behind the Steamtown Mall, some of them still running.
Sadly, this sign is no longer up outdoors! We found it in the Steamtown Mall.

We saw a sign outside of the Steamtown Mall that said “The Office store now open!” So we were excited to go in… and then we found out that the “store” was actually just a little cart in the middle of the mall. Sad! So we just got a Michael Mug. 
There was only a Mifflin avenue, no Dunder!

That was our trip to Scranton! There really wasn’t much to do in that town, so we didn’t stay long, but we still had a great time!

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