Kentucky Memories – Part One.

For the last 4 1/2 years, Kentucky has been my home. The entirety of our marriage has been lived in Kentucky, and we have made our life together here. I’m so excited to be with my family in Oregon again in a few weeks, and so pumped to have my amazing friends back, but this transition will definitely be bittersweet.

The last 4 years there’s been many ups and downs, but I’d like to show you some of my favorite parts that I will forever cherish, and what better way to show you them than with some photos!

I love it that I owned my first home when I was only 18. I think it’s a pretty cool part of our story. We loved that house and made SO many memories in it. We purchased it in August 2008, about a year after we got married.

In January 2009 we got our first puppy, Sam. She was so sweet and cuddly when she was little! She was a brat some days, but for the most part she was a super sweet dog.

This is out at my in-law’s house. They live on 28 acres and it’s always so peaceful and beautiful at night out there. I will miss it dearly.

Corey worked so hard at making our house a home. We spent countless hours painting, fixing drywall, updating, replacing flooring, etc. His parents also helped us a LOT with our house and I loved getting to know them so well during those times. This is a before of columns he and his dad made:


The first Thanksgiving meal I made just for Corey and I. We obviously had a lot of leftovers. =)

It’s a tradition: every year I take a photo of Corey with a nasty face putting the first ornament on the tree. Hahaha!

I loved having fun and goofing off with these two ladies at work!

I learned to really like football these past couple years…. mostly because Corey forced me to learn about it. Hahaha! You can see his Broncos’ schedule on his desk. =)

Almost every summer we go out on the boat on Green River Lake with Corey’s parents and it’s always lots of fun. Tubing is the best!

Last year Corey and I went with his parents to Louisville to see the play “Wicked” which was wicked-awesome. We also went on a lunch-cruise on the Ohio river, which is where this photo was taken. Good memories. =)

Part Two Coming Soon!

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